Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bound for Laurie

I just started reading a self-help book. Although, I like to call them spirit-guide books.
In just the few first pages, I was given the wisest words I ever read.
"Life is difficult".
We think it is supposed to be easy and that's why we find it so difficult,
but when we accept that it is difficult, it isn't quite so anymore.

Only when life hands you the hard lessons, do we really know what life is about.
I've experienced birth twice and now know that life is full of pain, we are born from it,
but it is the pain that brings you the joy.

This last year has been difficult, but it has brought joy.
I have seen others go through painful experiences, but I saw them become a glowing force of life.
Like a pregnant women, glowing with a fullness of life within her.
Like a mother holding her newborn only seconds old in her arms, joy and pain meet each other
at the crossroads of life.

This is life.

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