Friday, June 17, 2011

Israel: PART II

I found a treasure. Unearthed pieces of ceramics 
and beach glass underneath the sands of Yaffo.

We headed North to the  "Galil"
We bought a blue-tinted glass jug 
and filled it with wine from a barrel.

The rooftop terrace overlooked an empty field.
The full moon hid behind the dense clouds.

The sea of Galilee is losing water,
each year the water recedes lower and lower, 
    and the boats float further from shore.

The sun shines brights on the rooftops of Tel-Aviv.
Fake plastic roses will never fade and wither.

Modern heiroglyphics in an ancient town of Tsfat.

Imagine Utopia.
Jews and Muslims spending the day at the beach.
Playing violins and flying kites. 

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